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"Between the worlds of men and make believe I can be found"

- - Dan Fogelberg

"A single dream is worth a thousand realities"

-- author unknown (possibly JRR Tolkien)



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"There is a gossamer web here beneath the lilac. Perhaps the delicate artwork of a garden spider now hiding from view. Covered with the kiss of morning, each strand glistens like ballroom diamonds. I reach to touch this silken water bead creation, but am careful not to disturb the shy artisan spider. It is then I hear a sound. A laugh like tiny bells, ringing and echoing through the leaves. I lay still - stomach to the earth - and look closer. Sitting at the bottom edge of a multi-colored web, on a mushroom perch, is a tiny creature with wings! "A fairy !" I exclaim, and it gives a shake of its head at my stating the obvious. There's no flowing gown, or magic wand like I've seen in pictures. Nor is it beautiful in any human sense. The hair is long and windblown...dark blonde with streaks of silver. The eyes are hazel, and although they twinkle I cannot tell if it's with joy or mischief. I see no clothes, but yet, notice no nakedness or sign of gender. Then it smiles, and I am aglow with the magic of the expression. Grinning at me, and with a voice tinged with a Southern drawl it says with a laugh..."What were you expecting?" As the creature's laughter fills the air, I find myself smiling, and before I know it, break into a laugh as well. You see...I hadn't expected anything at all."


Welcome to the FairyWeb. My name is tara (yes tara - not Tara) and this is where I come to experiment, learn, and let the fairies run free. I was warned that once you begin a Homepage you have started a project that can never be completed. After years spent coding and recoding, adding and subtracting items, I agree. I wouldn't want this page, or my life, to become stagnant.

This page is the center of the FairyWeb. You can always return here to continue your journey. The Fairy Guide at the end of each section will take you where you wish to go, or you can use the Fairy Transporter located near the bottom of each page.

The threads of the FairyWeb are many. I hope that those you follow will take you to places of magic, friendship, knowledge, and of course the smile of the Fairy and her gift of fairydust.

Shall we begin?


The Faeries

For Gordon

There was never a time when I did not believe in fairies, and other creatures I never knew by species. From Tinkerbell to the Three Fairy Godmothers to the invisible Fairy Spider Buttercup who lived in my closet when I was a child I have been willingly trapped in their spell as long as I remember. Fairies represent many things to me - they are magical, mystical, free, and mischievous. But they can also be devious and spiteful, and capable of harm. You must be careful when giving your heart over to them.

I love them.

My personal collection of "fairy representations" grows with each year. There are fairy suncatchers, windchimes, magnets, Christmas ornaments, incense burners, figurines by Dezine, United Design, Jessica Stefano's Bubble Fairies, Sheila Wolk, and many other artists. Music boxes, picture frames, dolls, animal fairies, bells, boxes, books, framed prints, and more. Fairies made of clay, wood, pewter, plastic, ceramic, glass, fabric, and stone. Outside I have a Fairy Garden, decorated with bird feeders, windchimes, fairy statues and a fairy fountain.

There are also the Fairies that live inside of me.

If you click on the Fairy Guide she will take you to a page of Fairy Images. I try to change this page several times a year, and to use images that aren't seen on so many other Fairy sites. I use them with permission. You won't find information about fairies - I can't give you that. Fairies keep their secrets. If you believe, you'll know all you need to know, or what they're willing to share with you.

Be sure to visit the section Where to Find Fairy Collectibles. These pages will help you find what you are looking for - the exquisite blown glass creations of Eric Torgerson, the magical artwork of Amy Brown, Jessica Galbreath, David Delamare, and James Browne and many more. Sites that sell the best representations of the Fairy World, many that you would never have thought existed.

Throughout The FairyWeb you'll also find a few "poemettes" written by me about fairies...Please don't use them without asking first. I'm protective of my poetry....and you don't want to meet Redneck Fairy.

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Poetry & Literature

For Rod McKuen and Richard Brautigan

BE WARNED. You'll find my poetry here. Also my personal tribute to the poet/singer/songwriter Rod McKuen,who changed my life with his words. What this section contains changes frequently.

Lead away Fairy ----

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The Name Tara

For My Mother & Ireland

When I was given my name over 50 years ago, it wasn't a common one. It become more popular during the 70's, in part because of a Soap Opera character and the renewed popularity of "Gone With the Wind". I share it with many women (as well as a river, a hill, a Goddess, and at least one dog). These pages contains links and info on some of the many other Tara's who are online (although I have yet to find one who spells her name with a lower case "t" and only a couple who are older). If you're interested in reading about how others came to have the name, how they pronounce it, and if they like being saddled with something that spells "arat" backwards, read on. Besides its Irish roots, it can also be found in the language of the Sanskrit and the Maori. You'll also find the words to "The Harp That Once Through Tara's Hall", and "Tara's Theme - My Own True Love".

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The Fairy Cats

For Clifford -- My First Fairy Cat
For Lambert - My Snow Leopard

Fairy Cats come from animal shelters, or they show up on your doorstep. They follow you home or you find them at the home of a rescuer. BUT, you don't buy them from pet stores or breeders. Those pedigreed beauties are most definitely cats, but they just aren't Fairy Cats. From the time I was born there were Fairy Cats in my life. Come meet the ones who live with me now, and some special ones who flew away. Learn about the importance of spaying/neutering your pets, and a number of issues that need your help.

I made an online certificate for these special animals, so if you're the owner of one or more Fairy Cats, you'll find it here. If you would like to have it, all I ask is that you download it to your own server. If you'd like to link it back to The FairyWeb, please use the page it came from. REMEMBER: these are just .gif images to be put on your homepage or to print. In addition, please remember - only shelter cats or strays qualify. I know you love your special breed, and they are beautiful creatures, but they just aren't Fairy Cats.

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For Buttercup

I believe...and not only in fairies. I believe that peace is possible, that abuse can be stopped, that animals have rights, and bigotry is ignorance.

I believe .... well, just follow the Fairy and find out......

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Music - Singer/Songwriters/Musicians

For Jim Helms and Joni Mitchell

Words..melody. A voice that caresses words in a way that only the writer can, or a special person who makes it their song. Music has always gotten me through the most difficult of times. Although my taste is varied (as you'll see), the singer/songwriter of any genre is my first choice. I believe that Joni Mitchell is the ultimate Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Poet/Artist. Let Fairy lead you to the Music Place and the artists who have impressed and inspired me most. The quotes you will find following the artists' names are from songs they wrote or recorded.

You won't find any information about Jim Helms. I don't know much about him. Just that he played the guitar, and helped me get through one of the most difficult nights of my life. By the time I found him again, to say "thank you", he was dead. He was an incredible person, and I wish I had found him again sooner.

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Me & Fibromyalgia

For Those Who Suffer

Creating this page was a lot like Fibromyalgia itself. It took a long time to put my feelings about the cause of my pain into words. It took an even longer time before someone took it seriously enough to find an answer, and give it a name. Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome are real. The millions of people who suffer from these disorders aren't making it up. There is no cure. But there is help. This page tells my story (briefly) and provides links I hope will help others. There's no reason to go through the years of searching for an answer, but most of it's victims will do just that...only to have half the population say "It's all in your head". It's not. If you, or someone you know, has this condition, don't give up. There are people who believe you, and can help.

Let the Fairy take you there.

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For the Kent State 4

One after another, the incidents happen. Cats burned, tortured, beaten, murdered. The verdict in the Noah's Ark case (where 16 cats were bludgeoned to death) says a lot about our country and it's animal cruelty laws. They need to be changed. We are fortunate to be citizens of a country where our voices can change laws. The two defendants in this highly publicized case received "hand slaps" for their crimes, because the jury decided the lives of those 16 cats had no value. I wonder if they considered the anger and hatred that drove these young people to so much violence. How will the jurors feel when these same people show up in court again and again, for crimes that grow progressively more violent? How will they feel if one of these people makes headlines one day as a serial murderer? When will the lawmakers and jurors of this country wake up and realize that a person who tortures and abuses a helpless animal, could easily become someone who will torture and abuse a human being.

This page, and The Fairy Cats' Special Causes page will bring some of these important issues to your attention. Please, take a moment to check these out, bookmark some sites, and do what you can to help.

Let the Fairy take you there.

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I've been an Honourary Canadian Citizen
Since November 1997

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I've been a proud citizen of The United States of America
Since September 1953

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If you have suggestions or comments...If links have expired...or you just have something to say.. you can always send me email.

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My counter hit 10,000 on September 27, 1997 - My Birthday!!!

Since then I have quit keeping count.


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This background was made for me on Februry 14, 1996 by my best friend, William Learning, as a Valentine gift. He gave it to me with instructions to "make a webpage that is yours". Little did he realize just how much he was giving me. Many things about the FairyWeb will change, but the background on this page never will.

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